Auction to benefit the costs from the Kansas City BookCrossing Unconvention

Fleece Blanket
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I know I should have posted this ages ago, but really if it isn't kept in front of me every second, I tend to forget about things. Everyone may be tapped out due to the holidays, so I'm going to run this one thru January 6th.

Up for auction, a fleece throw blanket. The blanket is fringed and features a Breast Cancer Ribbon pattern (see pic) and measures 54 x 58 (it's folded into quarters in the pic). Let me know if you have any questions!

I'll start the bidding at $20.

Offer: Math tutoring
People don't seem very keen on this, but it's pretty much all I have to offer at the moment. If you happen to be in a math class, I guarantee I'm about as good as it gets. So this is for an hour of tutoring, KC area only. I'll put up more hours if anyone buys this one, but I don't want to spam anyone. Bidding starts at $15. I normally charge $30.

Offer: Hand Crocheted Scarf
black & white
Offered: One hand crocheted single color or varigated yarn winter weight scarf in a soft acrylic yarn (vegan friendly!) to be shipped anywhere within the U.S. at no additional charge.

If you have a favorite color, I'll do my best to find something comperable, but no guarantees can be made, as color depends on yarn availability. (So "something blue" will be easy to promise, but "a scarf the exact colors of Alan Tudyk's eyes" is likely not possible.) Scarf will be approximately 6 foot by 7 inches unless a smaller size is requested.

Examples of my scarves can be found here:

Bidding starts at $15

This item will not be shipped until after New Year's Day, as I have several other commissions that are being completed first.

Auction ends December 15th, 2009.

New community
In taking a cue from a friend, I have created this community as a site to help with the charges we incurred by throwing the 2009 South Kansas City BookCrossers' Unconvention. Please post any items you would like to auction in its own post here, along with pictures, auction terms, starting amounts, values, and anything else you deem appropriate. Thanks!


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